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You would think after seeing three days of Olympic cycling 
the thrill would be gone

But each time is just as exciting!

Waiting for the Olympic cyclists in Surrey

As cycling is very popular in Surrey,
many have ridden their bikes to watch the three races

International spectators have lined the streets as far as the eye can see

While there has been a security presence,
everyone has been in a good mood
with police officers giving high fives to the crowd

Crowds have done the wave, and a spectator played the trumpet
It's been great fun

I love this photo because it shows the cameraman on his motorcycle
in the background

C. Froome - Bronze Winner of Men's Cycling Time Trial

Loving this Aussie support car :)

And a friend captured me taking a photo of her :)

I feel very American wearing my Target shirt

And just as quickly as the streets have filled with spectators
the street empties just about as fast
as if nothing happened

American television Olympic coverage includes lots of chatter and factoids,
commercials, and video shorts of athletes

Cheering down the lane and the sound of nearby media helicopters
indicate the cyclists are about to speed past us

In comparison, the BBC has no adverts, four channels of live coverage all day,
little commentary, no athlete backstories, and few interviews

Definitely different :)

Are you loving the Olympics too?
What has been the highlight for you so far?

- all photos by me, my friend, & my son  -