Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Unexpected Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Unexpected

I was surprised how much I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Globe Theatre in London (yep, even in the rain) The theatre was exactly how I ima...

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1:44 AM

I Spy I Spy

...the unusual and blooming Handkerchief Tree (Davidia involucrata) Ahhh, just loving summertime - photo by me -

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2:56 AM

Charles Darwin's Home Charles Darwin's Home

A few months ago I visited Charles Darwin's home You know when you learn so much that you need to put the information through a sieve to...

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8:02 AM

Yellow Country Lanes Yellow Country Lanes

Right now you may get lucky and find yourself driving by a field of rapeseed in England Like anticipating each holiday, I always look forwar...

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4:34 AM

A Little Garden Humor A Little Garden Humor

Too cute not to share... via Pinterest Have a great weekend, y'all!

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2:36 AM

In Bloom In Bloom

My camera was very busy last month for we had three months of blooming crushed into just one month due to the third coldest Spring on record...

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1:09 PM