Right now
you may get lucky and find yourself driving by a field of rapeseed
in England

Like anticipating each holiday,
I always look forward to seeing this crop
before it is harvested for its vegetable oil
(known as Canola in North America)

Here is what it looks like from an airplane

Hello, 'yellow brick road'...

The word 'rape' in rapeseed comes from the Latin word 'rapum' meaning turnip
Turnips are in the Brassica family, along with cabbage, Brussels sprouts, rapeseed,
and mustard (which resembles rapeseed)

While fragrance is not rapeseed's forte,
visually, it will knock your socks off when growing en masse

Although there is no indication as such,
I've wondered if English singer-songwriter Sting was thinking of rapeseed
when he sang 'when we walked in fields of gold'

Sting, feel free to drop me a line to confirm :)

- photos by me -