Posted By Happy Homemaker UK

I just voted today
for the next US President

All Americans recognize this sticker
given to voters at polling places

Months ago
I went to the US Embassy website,
clicked on my home state
and applied for an absentee ballot

Each state has their own process
My state offers an online ballot option
with all of its amendments and referendums too

My ballot was emailed to me,
and the 'open sesame' of security
were my numbers
(date of birth plus social security or drivers license number)

I researched the issues
and started checking boxes (bubbles, actually)
to cast my vote

Then in typical American customer service oriented fashion,
I was surveyed as to how satisfied I was with the process


I printed my bubble-answered ballot in English and Spanish
and it will be dropped in the US Post by a traveling friend
(I could do from here, but would take longer)

Easy peasy

I admit it has been nice to be removed from all the political hubbub
this time around

Now, if only we could figure out how to renew a drivers licence
without a US address...