If you are English,
chances are you grew up reading stories
written by Enid Blyton

If you are American,
you've probably never heard of her or her classic stories such as
'The Wishing-Chair', 'The Magic Faraway Tree',
'The Enchanted Wood' or 'The Famous Five'

But now you have :)

Delightfully, Mr and Mrs Hawthorne bought Enid Blyton's Old Thatch cottage 
and started landscaping its two acres just thirteen years ago

Jacky Hawthorne is a garden designer

With help from her husband and a few volunteers,
they are able to manage the garden throughout the week
and open it to the public

See the rod perpendicular to the lamppost?

Over a hunderd years ago,
the person lighting the lamp manually
would have leaned his ladder against the rod to reach the lamp
{ love that tidbit }

Enid Blyton described her 17th Century home as

a very old house rather like a rambling cottage,
perfect both outside and in
It is like a Fairy Cottage
You enter through a funny old lychgate

it would be so inspirational to write children's books here,
don't you think?

- photos by me -

More information: www.oldthatchgardens.co.uk

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