...you see

mailboxes with little flags
American robins
yellow school buses
light switch on the lamp, not the cord
washer & dryer that can do a week's worth of clothes in two loads
free drink refills
a proper glass of iced tea
pellet ice
tax not included in original price
cars on the road that are not in good condition
right turning at a red light
high curbs
drive thrus
24 hour drug & grocery stores
abandoned grocery carts in the aisle with owners shopping on other rows

...you hear

artful small talk as part of good customer service
'Bless You' from a stranger when you sneeze
hairdryers operating in the bathroom
a kitchen disposal

Most of these things have an explanation of how it is done differently in the UK
It's interesting to see my home country through a different lens,
for we only return to the US a few weeks each year

Just the other day I couldn't recall the denominations of the US coins
- in four years I've forgotten -

Although I don't feel British,
my worlds have blurred together

Gratitude to Privet and Holly for 
the use of her mailbox photo 

Second photo my own