Hello my dear reader friends!

 I recently sat in a coffee shop
and innocently glanced at my neighbor's computer

It appeared she was a fashion blogger
and I immediately felt the pang of
missing the interaction with readers
and getting lost in thought of creating new posts

So here I am to announce I have created a new blog!

But before I tell you too much about it,
now is a good time to have a lil' recap
of the last four delightful years
at Happy Homemaker UK





A Day At Olympic Park (Summer Olympics 2012)

MOST READ POST (go figure!)

So fun for me
to reread posts from such a transformative period in my life
and to see the evolution of my style

And the story continues on my new blog...

I'd love to see you over there

See you soon :)
I've missed you!

- all photos by me -