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Alrighty - time for another listy-loo of things I find different here. Ready for a few?


* Not only do they drive on the other side of the road, they walk up the other side of the stairs too!

* Opposite from the US, push a door to go in a store. Then pull the door when you exit. 

* In England, pancakes generally only are eaten on Pancake Day (yet a typical American breakfast). Thus you won't see any International House of Pancakes here.

Pub Sign [image]
* We couldn't understand why our favorite Indian restaurants were empty at dinnertime. We later learned curry typically is eaten after leaving the local pub, around 10:30p.

* WAGs is an acronym used by the British tabloids to describe 'wives and girlfriends' of high-profile football players. Victoria Beckham has been described as 'Queen of Wags' and 'the original Wag'.

* Generally, football (soccer) is played by kids in state schools. Rugby and cricket are played by private school students.

* Girls and boys play field hockey.

* These police officers have set a 'speed trap' in their safety vests. I believe they found no one speeding that day - drivers saw them a mile away. Does anyone else find this funny?

[photo by me]

* Call 999 in an emergency. The fire department is referred to as the Fire Brigade.

* It is unlikely you have screens on your windows or a sprinkler in your garden (yard) in England. However, you may have mold in your washer. And add salts to your dishwasher for the hard water.

* Many children's books are age-rated like films. I LOVE that!

* And Spring is THE BEST time to live in England :)


Happy Mother's Day to my American mom readers :)
You rock!

Because Mothering Sunday in the UK was in April,
I'm celebrating my second one this year

Isn't that a coup?

* Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are *