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There is little doubt there is a flag more famous the United Kingdom's Union Jack Flag

Personally I love its classic look
Kept fresh by artists and designers today

But let's delve a little deeper. Shall we?

This was the first Union Jack from 1606-1801
Hmm, something is missing...

Union Jack 1606 - 1801

The stripes that represents Northern Ireland are absent

Today's Union Jack is actually a three flag overlay

Adopted in 1801


Clever design, if you ask me

In 1801, Ireland was united with Great Britain and thus extra red stripes were added that year
(while Northern Ireland remains, Ireland left the United Kingdom in 1921)

You may notice the flag is not completely symmetrical

Scotland joined the Union approximately two hundred years before Ireland,
and therefore Scotland's white stripes are larger than Northern Ireland's
and closer to the top on the hoist side

Notice this flag is upside-down

So much history in one flag!

And although Wales has a cool flag of its own, it is not represented on the UK flag
When the first Union Jack was created in 1606, Wales already had united with England

Welsh Flag

But wait, there is more you say?
Look at this my friends

The East India Company had a monopoly of imports to Britain
from the Indian Subcontinent and China from 1600 - 1874
It was a powerful mega corporation, and a major force of the British Empire for 250 years


So let's take it one step further

Below is the current naval jack (flag) of Indonesia, which dates to the age of the Majapahit Empire. Majapahit was one of the last major empires in the history of Indonesia and Southeast Asia (1293-1527), and renown for its maritime strength

It is argued that local Malay flags (similar to the Majapahit Empire's flag) were flown during the East India Company's era and inspired its flag

The Majapahit Empire's and East India Company's flag had 9 stripes of red and white

Indonesia's current Naval Flag
dates to the Majapahit Empire Era 

 It makes sense that the East India Company would combine their two destinations on their flag (Britain & Asia)

You know where I am going with this, don't you

British East India Company's flag was flown on the seas during the time of the American Revolution

At the signing of the Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776), the United States had no official national flag. Although without official status, the Continental Colors Flag (aka Grand Union Flag) has historically been referred to as America's 'First National Flag' and used in the early American Revolutionary War. It predates the 'Betsy Ross Flag'.


Almost a replica of the East India Company's flag

Here is the US Flag today
50 stars for the 50 states
13 stripes for the first colonies
Red, white and blue to recognize its past with Great Britain

Today's 'Stars & Stripes'
but only since 1960!

And one more tidbit before you go...

"I never set out to design the flag of the nation.
I just wanted to keep from getting a bad grade in history."
-Bob Heft, designer of the 50-star American Flag

With Alaska and Hawaii becoming new states in 1959, two new stars needed to be added to the American flag

In 1958, Bob Heft decided to create a fifty-star flag for his high school history project
He received a B- for his new flag design, for it lacked creativity according to his teacher
His teacher said he'd give him an A if his design was accepted by Congress
So young Bob Heft submitted his design and it was adopted as the American flag in 1960

Such a great story!

You decide if you think the American flag's design is sprinkled with
designs from Great Britain, East India Company and
the Majapahit Empire era

I'm not the first to argue these points, but is it
Sluethy or just conspiracy theory? 

If nothing else
Perhaps you will see these two flags a little differently :)

Have I converted you into a flag dork, like me?

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