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I am blessed with the dearest family 
that is willing to go on another Mommy Adventure

This time to the Cotswolds

Last Autumn we visited the Cotswolds region that spans 6 counties
for our fabulous Feather Down Farms tent-camp experience (here)

This time we were back in search of a special NGS Open Garden in
Ashton under Hill in south Worcestershire
I'd read about in my latest The English Garden magazine

Home built of typical Cotswold limestone

It is a rural area of quaint villages and farms

Typical town from car window

Why go so far to see a garden, you ask?
{ I'd go farther actually }

Well, the whole town of Ashton under Hill has pulled together for the past 33 years
to open private gardens to the public (24 gardens this year)

With more than a hundred people in the village involved,
you see folks selling tickets, ice cream, tea, & plants
and assisting with traffic and parking

It really is a village-wide affair as a fundraiser
for their local church and community center

Don't you just love it already?

Each garden was unique
ranging from formal gardens to meadows

(Below) Curiously it seems common throughout England to buy a bag of compost or manure,
cut a hole and plant into it

I was most excited about this garden (below)

I don't know if it is new, or just new to me
but these swimming ponds seem to be gaining popularity

As it was explained to me, 
a California style swimming pool looks out of place in an English garden
but a pond's appearance can be enjoyed year-round
and fun for taking a dip when the weather is warm enough

Water plants such as water lilies and iris flag are planted in an underwater shelf
Newts, dragonflies, and other creatures hangout at the pool
(no fish)

Although there is filtration, there are no chemicals

They say it is like swimming through fresh rainwater or milk

Artificial Swimming Pond

Sounds heavenly, and I love the look
Don't you?

{Sigh} It was such a perfectly perfect weekend
filled with tadpole catching and delicious local food

Thanks for coming along with me, my buttercups :)

- all photos by me -