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Poppies Amongst The Wheat

Driving through Kansas,
you drive countless miles before you see where one farm starts 
and another begins
It feels very corporate

Yet in England, farms are small and family-run
You easily see the walls or hedgerows that mark
where each farm begins and ends

Cotswolds countryside with sheep, horses, and crops
(and rain)

There is tremendous encouragement to 'Buy British' and 'Grow Your Own'

Clearly Will & Kate made an effort,
for an impressive number of Royal Wedding elements were British

A supermarket giant, Waitrose, has a campaign to support British farmers
by offering what appears to be only British produce and meat when possible,
bringing the idea of global Fair Trade to a local level

This helps protect the countryside I have come to love

You often can buy direct from a farmer at the garden gate or at a farm shop

And because so many things grow well here,
the country provides well for itself

From beekeeping & henkeeping to gardening
many are doing it successfully on a smaller scale
in their backyard,
more widely than in the US


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