I've been wanting to see the Thames Barrier for some time

This 520 meter span of contemporary gating has protected
the area of London from flooding since 1982

As one of the world's largest movable flood barriers,
these gates actively have protected London over 100 times since they became operational

With London and O2 Arena in the background, you can see one black gate in position on the right

With a long history of fatal floods,
the spring tidal surge from the North Sea tends to be a habitual problem

information about surge tides comes from weather satellites, oil rigs,
weather ships and coastal stations

All ten gates (20 meters high) can be closed in 1.5 hours

Here is the possible extent of flooding without today's protection

Not a high quality photo,
but it does give you something to consider the next time
you see the river at low tide

The layers of time you can see on the walls!

Located in Greenwich,
you too can view these steel and wooden beauties

While we did swing by the Visitor's Center,
I wouldn't necessarily recommend paying for it
as most of the information is online

You can view the Thames Barrier from the river towpath at anytime

Photo Credits: 1 (mine), 2 & 3 (Environment Agency)
Source: Environment Agency

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