As our summer wraps up,
we have punctuated it with
a new puppy!

Meet Millie,
our eight week old
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

She is sweetness wrapped up in a ball of fur :)

Besides having a bark with an adorable English accent (ha!),
I have found that dogs are much better behaved here than in the US

Here are a few differences I've observed...

Someone recommended buying a padded kitten collar for our puppy
Not only is it comfortable, but it has a secure bell attached
which lets us know where she is

I am using a 'Puppy Aid Training Spray' outside
which has a special scent to train puppies where to go potty
Believe it or not, it works!

Puppy training classes are held in church and village halls
or in a local field by individual dog trainers,
not in big box retailers

In my puppy training class, we'll be using treats 
and a whistle (I'm so intrigued)

I found these dog bowls 
with a wider base than its opening
to prevent big ears from falling into food & water
(perfect for spaniels and hounds)
- clever! -

They use static leashes here, not retractable ones

Dogs are off-leash when in the woods
and on-lead when on streets
(in the US, dogs must be on lead in public
except in a few designated areas)

In the US, dogs are neutered/spayed at 8 weeks old
however in the UK, vets like to wait until they are 6 months old

Dogs should be on medication to prevent lungworm,
contracted by eating snails or slugs

My veterinarian is housed in a barn circa 1820s
that still feels very farm-y

Lastly, in America we have the impression 
that England is even more pet friendly than the US

I'm not sure where this myth came from
because I find the attitudes and practices to be the same
(i.e. no one is grocery shopping with a dog in tow)

Have a lovely weekend,

- photos by me -