Browsing TripAdvisor's site for things to do,
I was surprised to see this activity currently ranked
as the #1 Attraction in London

So me
(being me),
HAD to check it out

Shrouded in mystery,
Hint Hunt describes itself as

A new simple and fun live escape game
We lock up a handful of people (3 to 5)
into a small space that looks like a normal room at first sight

However, it is a smartly designed environment where the captives
start discovering hidden objects, codes, keys, riddles and clues
to help them escape the room in 60 minutes

Created by a clever group of Hungarians, 
Hint Hunt has locations in London, Paris, and Cape Town

It was CRAZY fun
I promise it is nothing you have ever done before

Perfect for families or a group of friends,
Hint Hunt is conveniently located across from Euston Station

Put this on your 'must do' list for your next visit to London

- minimum age of 9 with an adult -

More info: Hint Hunt
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