As America celebrates Thanksgiving tomorrow
- a day of loved ones, traditional food, and American football -

my family and I will celebrate our fourth year in a nation
that doesn't pause for the holiday

We have a new normal with new traditions,
such as traipsing down to a local pub with friends and family
for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner

The pub may serve Yorkshire Pudding as well as other English surprises
One never knows!

 (pubs are family friendly
and not at all like American bars)

Darkness is a cloak as early as 4pm
and autumn leaves continue to fall gently like giant snowflakes

I am delayed on the road lately
due to local hedges being trimmed

If you've visited the English countryside,
you cannot help but notice the hedgerows
that create perimeters around farmland and property

Hedges create super-highways for wildlife across the countryside
- so many are connected -
and provide a bounty of food with its berries and fruit

A place of shelter, I find such great comfort in these living barriers

Like a cutie-pie hedgehog traveling along the hedgerows,
I find thankfulness in the sweet tidbits and friends I meet along my path

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, wherever you may be in the hedgerows :)

- photo by me -