Browsing the internet,
I found a few fun finds to share

What's not to love about this
hand stamped butter knife?
(those scones look divine too!)

Sold by The Cutlery Commission

Map your life journey with hand stitches

UK, US, European and World maps are available
in different colors which can be further personalized

Available through The Little Boy's Room

Something about this card planter makes me happy
with its little weather vane and bicycle

Cress seeds included

by Another Studio

And look at this gorgeous piece of luggage
- ooh, the colors and design! -

You could pick that one out of the all-black-suitcase crowd!
But I'd be afraid someone would steal it because it is
soooo gooorrgeeous :)

Pip Studio via Fifty One Percent

I'm pretty confident you don't have this kooky clock
Instead of clock hands, the googly eyes tell you the time based on position
Such a conversation piece!

I believe the time is showing 12:25-ish :)

by Suck UK

I'm not much of a shopper,
but I love giving creative gifts
(often hard to find)

Do you have any unusual finds to share?

(an unsponsored post)