not only was the date 11/12/13
(in the US 12/11/13)

but we had fog all. day. long.

This time of year 
I drive by farmer fields
with gorgeous lone oak trees swallowed by fog at the base
- such a romantic look about it -

I often want to pull over to capture the moment
but we would be late for school

Once I get the kids dropped off,
the fog has disappeared

Not yesterday

I had most of the day to photograph at my leisure

And to add to my photo snapping joy,
the night left behind a hoar frost!

Which is code for seeing the invisible...

Droplets of dew froze on spider webs
to reveal lacy gossamer handiwork

Fuzzy moss on tree trunks
begged for a closer look

In this little corner of England,
hoar frost may happen just a few times a year or not at all

Sort of like a rainbow

You feel lucky

So as the sun set (at 3:51pm!)
the day ended with this dreamy landscape

Hoping your December 
is filled with many rainbow moments


- photos by me -