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While waiting for the train, there is nothing I appreciate more than clever advertising. 
This one caught my eye from Ocado, an online grocery store/delivery service in England and Wales

Source: Ocado Media Centre
(Click on image to enlarge)

Here's a selected close up

How I would have loved to have been in the room, coming up with some of these.
If only the real Periodic Table of Elements was this fun. 

So I contacted Ocado to get a good copy of this to share with you, instead of a photo off my phone :)

Ocado's media representative, Ben Lovett, told me 'We were really pleased with it - and it did well at the awards it was originally created for. We were up against a lot of the 'big boys' - brands with big ad agencies; our creative was all generated by a tiny in-house team'. 

As a finalist, their ad was displayed at the Oxford Circus tube station for a few weeks, which is where I saw it. I just love it ;)

Which is your favorite 'element'?