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Come pull up a chair in my English countryside tent and grab some tea - I have a new little idea brewing. I have so many questions in my head that I'd like to know your opinion and get some good conversation going. 

To give myself some structure, I've decided occasional Wednesdays will be 'Fab Confab' days. And 'Friday Fun' tends to land on, you guessed it, Fridays :)  I hope you will join in the conversation so I don't hear the sound of crickets and feel the cane hook me Stage Right. 

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I just ''thesaurused'' the word 'chatter' (well, actually 'natter') and came up with 'confab'. It rhymes with 'fab' - well, it actually has the word in it so I don't know if that counts as a rhyme. Plus I just increased my vocabulary by one, and the day is still young! Ding ding ding ;)

It's no secret the English use a larger percentage of the dictionary than Americans. So in an attempt to increase my vocabulary, I told my husband that I did not like a particular author because his books are too 'verbose'. But then I wondered aloud if I meant 'varicose'...? I threw out the word 'vapid' too - but got a blank stare, so I should probably stay out of the 'V' section of the dictionary for a little while. Yep, a little vernacular vacation for me... 

Are you still there?

So here is my confab question to you. I had a boss who confessed that she casually walked by interviewees' cars to take a peek inside. To see what the person was really like. To see if they smoke, tidy, etc. Do you think this is fair? Or accurate? 

My car is typically dirty. I don't think it is practical to clean it when it will be dirty in a few days. Saves money. I have general kid messiness in the back of my car because I'm pretty laid back and choose to put my energy toward other things. Yet the look of my car could convey different messages to different people.

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Do you think it is accurate or fair to look inside an interviewee's car? What does your car say about you? 

I'd love to hear from you - and your car :)

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