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I recently heard 'fictional flourish' as a colorful way to say 'exaggerated'. Isn't that wonderful? There is constant word play going on by the English. They use words I haven't seen since studying for the GRE (and many are simply new to me). 

As a follow up to my post in September, Lists & Doodles, here is my current list of things I find different here: 

* There are no drive-thrus. Of any kind

* 'Squash' is a term for fruit juice, not the vegetable

* Christmas cards with your family's photo on it appears self-centered. Note to self, stick with generic cards from the store

* Kiss friends on both cheeks in greeting. Be sure to start on the correct side to avoid that awkward moment

* You have not driven into the valet section of the parking lot when you see cars 'backed in'. Although a tricky maneuver, it is easier to pull out of small parking spaces when leaving

* Using a different system, my shoe size is 3 numbers smaller while my dress size is 2 numbers bigger (bummer!)

* The English have an amazing amount of patience when it comes to queuing. They can stand in a slow, long line without a single rolled-eye, sigh, or frustrated comment to their neighbor. To quote the 80s show, 'That's Incredible!'

* 'Tea leaves' is cockney for 'thieves'. Other good sayings include 'gutted', 'poppet', and 'I don't mind'

In a local cafe

I haven't been an anglophile since my high school days, but I think I am turning into one :)