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When I first started blogging, I had no idea what I was doing or where it would take me

I found as 'followers' increased,
my motivation did too

Here's a bit of
what I've learned so far about increasing readership...

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Discover new blogs
Connect with them through their comment section and become a follower

Indicate that you are new to their blog in a comment (ie,'...your newest follower')
so they comment and follow you back

Find new blogs by
clicking on blogs listed on others' sidebars
or check out those who left comments on blogs that interest you

And if someone new comments on your blog, 
it is polite to return the favor
with a 'follow' and comment :)

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When I first started,
there was a core group of bloggers I got to know online from 3 different countries
(hi, girlies!)

It began with commenting on each others' blogs regularly
-we each had under 100 followers at the time-
and through our comments (and some emails) we got to 'know' one another

. Lucky me, I even had tea with bloggers Sarah and Rona

Some of these bloggers linked to me at different times in their posts
or added me to their sidebar (thank you!), 
which brought a few new readers to my blog

 So put yourself out there, make connections, and see what happens :)

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Linky Parties are a good way to meet other people like you, 
especially when the party has a theme that interests you
such as photography, crafts, or decor

Add your post to a party or participate by
commenting and following the blogs you connect with
 {it can be a goldmine of interesting blogs}

Or you might want to host a Linky Party on your blog

I host a Linky Party at the end of each month, 'Post Of The Month Club' 
- not to self-promote, but just say'n :)

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You wouldn't know it, but I actually have a lot more email subscribers than followers
 - quite a few RSS subscribers too -
which puts me over 1000 readers

If you haven't signed up for Feedburner to forward your new posts via email, hop to it, my friend
(Blogger now offers it as a Gadget)

A little spring cleaning
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Tidy up your blog regularly

Make your text easy to read with a clean background and easy-on-the-eyes font

Your 'Follow' button should be near the top (if that's important to you)

And images or photographs will break up text, making your posts easier to read

Make each post your best :)

Do you have any tips to share?

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