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Babies are such a nice way to start people
-Don Herrold

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A few observations I've made recently...

* In the UK, I see fewer sets of twins and triplets than in the US *

I suspect this could be due to the NHS not widely covering fertility treatments
(and fertility issues are talked about in a whisper)

* International adoptions are very complicated and uncommon in the UK *

Therefore, when I see a child of a different descent than his/her parent,
I assume the other parent is of the same descent as the child

Whereas in the US, I would guess the child was adopted internationally

* Neither cesareans nor inductions are common in the UK *

* Pap smears ('smear tests') & mammograms are not performed annually here *
(every three years, depending on age)


I thought you might enjoy seeing the ten most popular baby names :)

BTW, I'm not pregnant,
just have baby on the mind
since I met our newest little neighbor next door

Just 5 weeks old


Thank you for all the well-wishes about Hurricane Katia blowing this way
She arrived with some wind and rain, but thankfully not much 'whoop'

As for my cleanse, I am in my last week
It has been great and can't wait to tell you all about it when I'm 'done'

As for your thoughts, prayers, and support,
you are truly appreciated :)

You're the best!