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So a group of girlfriends and I loaded up our picnic & wine
{ well, I actually brought my cleanse lunch }
and boarded the Josias Jessop to take us down the 
Wey & Arun Canal in West Sussex

The canal was originally built in the 19th Century to connect 
London to the south coast of England for commercial trade
Yet due to the railroad, the inland waterway was abandoned in 1871

Since 1970, volunteers have worked tirelessly to reopen the canal
by digging it out themselves and installing lochs to use recreationally
Amazing dedication

Isn't the scenery stunning?

This beauty, the Himalayan Balsam, is actually an invasive weed

Introduced to the UK in 1839 (those Victorians loved plants), 
this baby can grow up to 6-10 feet and produce 800 seeds
You can hear their pods 'pop' when they explosively disperse their seeds 

Right now, they are blooming everywhere

It may not look like it, but it is in the impatiens family :)

Two swans with their adolescent cygnets
So England :)

Due to the canal's narrowness
boats must register their usage,
for no more than one boat uses a section at any given time

Due to its shallowness
I didn't feel the need to wear the life jacket
and snorkeling bits I brought just in case
one of my friends 'accidentally' threw me overboard

Inside one of the lochs

We had beautiful weather and a lovely time
And I stayed dry :)

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- all photos by me -

My photos of the Wey in Springtime here

Sources: Wey & Arun Canal, Royal Horticultural Society

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