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I've never lived near the ocean,
so hurricanes are new to me

Miss Hurricane Katia will be my first introduction,
sailing across the Atlantic from the Caribbean
to pay us a visit

She is expected to drop by tonight and may stay a few days

It will be interesting to see what kind of house guest she will be...

Fierce like Gordon in 2006?
Disruptive like Bill & Grace in 2009?
Or a quieter guest leaving just a few puddles in her wake

Hurricane Katia from the International Space Shuttle
Image: The Independent

Once a Category 4, Miss Katia will most likely be downgraded 
to a strong post-tropical storm
by the time she hits land

Ireland and Scotland are predicted to be the hardest hit,
however, all of Great Britain risks minor flooding, falling trees, 
structural damage, & transportation disruptions
from possible gale force winds and torrential rain

To me 'transportation disruptions' is not a minor thing,
for my husband takes the train home each day

And by car, there can be only one way to get to a location
as a detour can be impractical

Roads here are not in a grid-like pattern,
but rather like spokes of a wheel radiating from towns
Sort of

The Great Storm of 1987 was the last legendary storm 
in which 18 people died and 15 million trees were downed, 
including historic trees in famous Kew Gardens
and six of the seven famous old oak trees of Sevenoaks, Kent

It was the worst storm since The Great Storm of 1703
(don't you love the storm titles?)

People have referenced the Great Storm of 1987 in passing to me over the last year,
so it has not been forgotten

Image: Kew Gardens

However, one thing this country does handle really well is
{ rain }

As it magically disappears on roads,
puddles rarely form

Katia is coming,
but she isn't on the front page of most newspapers

Having just come off the coolest summer in a decade,
the UK is not exactly known for stellar weather
and no one seems to be batting an eye at this storm

So at this point, I'm not worried,
just curious

Just another tale of living on an island :)