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countless variations of this popular slogan
can be seen throughout the UK and US

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Although it is well known to have been a WWII morale-booster poster in the UK,
it actually was not well distributed at the time

It wasn't until the year 2000
that it was rediscovered in a used bookstore in Northumberland
which started to make reprints for customers
And the rest is history

My favorite version :)
via Decal Happy

But what I find most interesting is that it encapsulates 
both the English and American cultures

For the Americans it means
be 'zen'
while persevering

While in England it means
keep a stiff upper lip
while trudging on, 'get on with it'

Described by The Economist,
it 'taps directly into the [England's] country's mystic image of itself:
unshowily brave and just a little stiff,
brewing tea as the bombs fall'

How does the expression speak to you?
Source: Wikipedia