Posted By Happy Homemaker UK

In England, it is called Autumn,
not Fall
Do you know hard it is to not say Fall?!

So here's a little peek into my world

In front of my house
the leaves are subtly changing

And as I drove through the Cotswolds last week,
final harvests were being made in the fields

In a Herculean feat,
I took this photo with my camera pointed backwards as I drove away
(so I wouldn't look too suspicious)

Hedge-trimmers were busy

And you know I'm a sucker for an interesting sign :)
This one indicates a lack of reflectors on a single carriageway
as roadworks continue

Shot during the Olympics,
this image well reflects the rains we've encountered lately

'Brollies' are a must this season

There's definitely a chilly nip in the air
and more darkness surrounds my morning and evening routines

Yep, Autumn has arrived
(I'm dying to say Fall!)

Wishing you a wonderful new season,
wherever you are

And however you may say it :)

- all photos by me -

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