Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

Long shadows of Autumn
The New Forest, Hampshire
(which is actually an old forest, btw)

In the US,
you can pitch a tent in any public forest
wherever you like
for free

Many will backpack for hours to find just the right spot
with complete privacy and desired view

Some forests don't allow campfires due to danger of wildfires,
and it is advised that you sign in so there is record of you being there in case of emergency

A thin blanket of smoke suspended above the heather was actually very serene
(I think a house nearby was burning leaves)

In England
if you can't find a local farmer who will let you camp on his/her property,
you'll need to find an official campsite and pay a nominal fee

A campsite is often a tight cluster of RVs and/or tents
usually with full toilet & shower facilities

So we thought we'd won the lottery when we found the rare campsite
that didn't offer toilet facilities
which we took as an indicator we'd have the place to ourselves

But then we learned we wouldn't gain entrance to the site
without purchasing one of these babies...

Yep, that's a portable camping toilet
that looks like an oversized potty training loo for kids ;)

One of our kiddlewinks didn't feel well
so we packed up the tent after a round of s'mores
and headed home 

All was not lost though
as we returned home with
one toilet (unused),
a good story,

and a handful of photographs :)

- all photos by me -