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Fun Blog: How About Orange
DIY Heart Garland

I am passionate about blogging. I love to tell stories, and I love to read others. You follow a blog for a while and you feel like you know the author - and you might through online dialogues or actually meet one day.

I think about what I am going to write everyday, what might be of interest. It keeps my antenna up. Good brain food. I have a long list of post ideas and big file of photographs.

Beautiful Blog: Dreamy Whites
French Farmhouse Inspired Living

Unique to his profession, Charles Dickens distributed his book chapter by chapter often ending in cliffhangers. Obviously a big hit. Isn't this basically what blogs offer - just one chapter at a time? But take it further - it is an interactive book, where reader and author can ask questions and have conversations.

Quirky Blog: Make Mine Mid-Century
Horsey goes to the library

Some blogs are written like magazines, some as biographies, and others like coffee table books with beautiful photography. Like a bookstore, there is something for everyone.

I think blogs attract like minded readers, so interior design blogs attract other i-designers (or wanna bes, like me);  blogs written in a positive voice attract positive people.

Thought Provoking Blog: Privet and Holly
What would your day of hooky look like?

I know there are many many blogs to choose from. Thank you so much for reading in my little corner of my world. It's so good to have you here!