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The day I failed my driving test, all was not lost. My inbox announced that Kelley from Bad Hausfrau gave me a blogging award. Kelley, your timing was impeccable! Thank you, thank you :)  I am honored

If you have a chance, visit her 'Notes from a Clueless Housewife'. I just love this photo of the 'bookstore cat'

[image: Bad Hausfrau]

Now for those of you having a 'Johnny Cracked Corn (and I Don't Care)' moment, just turn away. But let me bask in the glory of being noticed and feeling loved for just a brief moment

So in order to accept the award, I need to write 7 interesting things about myself. Grab your tea (or your blindfold); here we go...

1. My happy place is Costa Rica. I lived there for 2 years, post-college. In my next life, I hope you'll find me living in the rainforest as a bird. Two of my favorite photos, pre-digital era:

2. My newest product idea is to bottle English rainwater. Sell it to Anglophiles? Good for the garden? Great face tonic? My husband encourages me to not spend too much of our savings (or time) on this endeavour. But I am taking orders now :)

3. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a professional water skier. Or at least compete or go to a ski camp. I still have a fetish for those floral swim caps

[Google Images]

4. My Hollywood cuties are Ashton Kutcher (cool factor), Matthew McConaughey (Texas drawl), Hugh Grant (goofy). And yes, I did have to look up how to spell their names correctly. Except for Hugh's :)

[Google Images]

5. You know I have crazy love for photo editing online with Picnik. I just discovered the 'Touch Up' section. Play around with the airbrush, mascara, and thinning features on a few photos. Hollywood magic at your fingertips. Better than sliced bread. And I do love warm bread and a really good burger (that's No. 6)

7. As of yesterday, I am the proud passer of the UK Driving Theory Test! A big WOO HOO! Popping the cork now...

The last part of the award is to pass it on to another blogger. There are so many blogs I am loyal to and adore. However I must choose, so I give it to Sarah (with an H) from Modern Country Style who lives in the Cotswolds (lucky girl). Somehow the fates have connected us, as we live parallel lives. Yet we hope that our 'parallelity' will defy mathematics and intersect with a meeting one day soon.  Her blog is not only a feast for the eyes, but humorous and uplifting too.

With a spring in my step, wishing you a delightful weekend, my friends