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The hostess for the day plans a super secret getaway for the rest of us each month. We plug in the postcode into our Sat Nav and just see where it takes us. So far no one has given me the postcode to drive off a cliff. Ah, such good friends (so far)...

So you can imagine my delight (and relief) when we drove up to quaint Grayshott Pottery in Hindhead, Surrey

This is what it would have looked like on a clear summer day
[source: Grayshott Pottery]

Founded in 1956, this location produces commercial and handmade stoneware for well-known establishments such as Harrods, a Jamie Oliver restaurant, and Cafe Rouge to name a few. And anytime I can use the word 'bespoke' (custom) I will, so here we go - they make 'bespoke' items too. With in-house designers and artists, anything is possible in this tucked away location where the magic happens... 

I'll let the photos do the talking, because I really have no idea what I am talking about

The Handmade Section

The Commercial Side


Making A Bowl

'Pressing' Casserole Pans in Blue Machine

'Sponging' A Plate Before Being Glazed

Glazing By Hand

Loaded Firing Rack Is Pushed On A Track

Apologizes for my signage fetish

They were making rustic-looking stoneware while we were there. Loved it all. And the 'pottery elves' (my words, not theirs) work many machines, so they don't get bored. It was surprisingly dust free.

As friend Miss K pointed out, most places of interest in England have a gift shop and restaurant attached (with tea, of course) to make the day really happy.  Grayshott Pottery was no exception :)

And what did I buy in the pottery gift shop? A really cool iron nutcracker that looked like an antique vise, of course :) 

How long had that treasure been waiting to be noticed?

More information: Grayshott Pottery