Posted by Happy Homemaker UK


So if you are going to travel to/ live in Europe, you definitely need a super-spy code name, right? 
(Love Hollywood spy movies) 

So let's pick one for you right now...

Plan A

Name of a main character in the last movie you watched + last food you ate

(Mine: Gnomeo Gnocchi)

Plan B

Your favorite spice + last vacation spot visited

(Mine: Cinnamon Camber)

Your Mission

Your mission is to try a new food this weekend


I am headed to the land of mussels, fries and beer (Belgium) for my birthday weekend (yea!)
I had to promise to try at least one mussel
But didn't promise I wouldn't hurl or that I'd like it :)

I need others to join my club. Are you in?

Report back on Monday the new food you tried - you brave girl, you :)

And by what code name shall I call you?

Inspired by Schnitzelbahn

'Over and out' and '10-4 good buddy',

  (aka Gnomeo Gnocchi)