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I found another English gem - Petersham Nurseries in Richmond. The clouds parted and the angels sang. Oh my goodness - such a feast for ALL the senses. Let me give you a little tour...

This is no ordinary garden nursery
For starters, it is really tucked away next to a pasture yet definitely in town

Vintage looking crates for displays
Slate tabletops
Willow screens and urns thoughtfully scattered

But that's not all... {sigh}

They have a tea house

and a cafe so darling, I think I peed in my pants!!

Super shabby-chic
See those dirt floors?
Chippy chairs, naked lightbulbs too
In a glass greenhouse

Have you peed in your pants yet, too?

And the food...
Just awarded a Michelin Star
It was delish

According to their website,  'Head Chef Skye Gyngell works almost exclusively with seasonal produce, creating simple food inspired by what she sees growing and flowering around her. The relatively short menu changes every week....In season, she picks herbs, salads & fruit from the walled kitchen garden of Petersham House and uses as much local produce as she can lay her hands on.' It is rumored she was formally Madonna's chef.

Is this little 'nursery for the soul' a local secret?

Not exactly - we made reservations a month in advance for lunch
And we just missed Mick Jagger and Ralph Lauren who visited earlier in the week

Not your typical nursery :)

- all photos by me -