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I don't know if you've heard, but there is a little wedding coming up on Friday around here :)

What else can I add? I think the worldwide media has covered it thoroughly

So here is my American point of view in England

Most Brits seem to have a soft spot for William and his brother Harry. The love for his mom, Diana, has been transferred onto her two sons.  Will seems to be a cool, down-to-earth guy with an honorable job (RAF Search & Rescue helicopter pilot in Wales).  He'd be invited to my house for supper anytime.
And how adorable is Catherine?! Liked by the public, this beautiful 'commoner' from mining roots has a great sense of style and is well educated. Coming from a stable family makes her popular with the Queen. I'm guessing you've probably seen a few photos of Kate recently. This is one of my favs. And let's face it, she has great hair.


The fairy tale story is irresistible. They are possibly the first royal couple destined for the throne in the UK to marry for love. William and Kate are a modern couple too, having met in university and lived together for 9 years. 

As for the Queen, reportedly she is happy there is a fresh boost to the monarchy's popularity and looks forward to a stable future of the crown.

The people seem to have mixed feelings about their monarchy. While they question not only the relevance of a royal family in this day and age but also the justification of supporting their expensive lifestyle during this economic crisis. And yet the royal family continues to hold local and worldwide fascination.

I believe it has been a tricky balance as to how much to spend on the wedding - royal and grand yet not too ostentatious, as this country has been hard hit with difficult financial times.

Tea Towel

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, gave some royal wedding scoop at a talk I recently attended (she'll be broadcasting with Katie Couric at the wedding). Here are a few things she reported:

Hundreds of staff and some of the best wedding planners in the world have been working on the royal wedding around the clock. Many are ex-military employees, so the event is sure to work like clockwork with military precision.


Details you many not have thought of:

* There will be several bridal bouquets in case of mishaps

* A specialized hair stylist will be hired with tiara experience. Tiaras are very heavy, you know, and no one wants flat hair on her big day

* Kate will be well practiced getting in and out of the car. Like Princess Diana, it is likely Kate will have used a tablecloth pinned around her waist to duplicate the wedding dress


Following royal tradition...

* Kate's wedding ring will be made of rare Welsh Gold. William probably will not wear a wedding ring

* The cake will be cut with a sword

* The crowd will shout 'Give Her A Kiss' when the couple appears on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

* There will be a 'flypast' of military planes

* The honeymoon location has not been disclosed, but unlikely Africa since it is the rainy season, according to Ms Seward

* Where they will call 'home' - an apartment in Kensington Palace (London) and a house in Wales


You can count on many camping-out overnight in London to get a good view along the wedding route. Green Park and St James's Park will be ideal locations to save a spot. There will be media stands and big screens broadcasting the event in the surrounding parks. Although it probably will be difficult to catch a glimpse of the newlywed couple, I think the atmosphere and experience would be unforgettable.

The royal wedding is a national holiday. I suspect the reason the wedding is April 29th is because it is surrounded by a cluster of other bank holidays. If you take off work just 3 days this week in the UK, you would have yourself a nice 10-day break.  Many are fleeing the country to avoid the wedding madness or just to take advantage of the extra time off.

Some are thinking 'Is it over yet?' with local media (and trinket) oversaturation. Furthermore, there is a mild security concern of the event being targeted by terrorists and more anarchist demonstrations.

Nonetheless, there is no denying there a buzz in the air for this joyous, historical wedding day. Personally, I am VERY excited.

And although there have been rumors, insider Ingrid assured us Prince Charles will not abdicate (or shall I say 'abdi-Kate') the throne when his time comes to be crowned king. He will give his son relative normalcy and freedom for as long as possible before taking on big monarchical responsibilities.

Talk about wedding jitters - I can't even imagine how they feel

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a sunny Friday

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Have a great week!