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There are many reasons the English know their history so well

For one, on such a small island
history is never far away with a short drive to a castle, museum,
or some sort of historical attraction

{ photo by me }

History is made appealing at an early age
through various books and TV shows
such as the 'Horrible Histories' series

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Often describing gruesome details,
children are attracted to the real stories,
some more colorful than many of us could make up!

My daughter has taken to this series...

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Beloved English works by Dickens, Shakespeare, and Austen
have been abridged for children to learn 
these classics at an early age

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Okay, not historical, but I love this one for younger readers...

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Local venues stage theater performances of Shakespeare's works,
while the Last Night of the Proms concert offers British patriotic pieces

In essence,
the English are surrounded by their history and culture all the time 
from an early age
- geographically and leisurely -

I love that!

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