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Peeking over hedgerows, coast to coast,
I've been on a quest to find a field of poppies
for months

I'd researched on the internet where
to uncover their sneaky location
but ended up empty handed

Apparently it is like seeing a rainbow...
One year it is there, the next it is not

These field poppies grow where the soil is very poor
and most fields are filled with productive crops

Once I surrendered to not seeing these red beauties en masse
I practically suffered whiplash upon seeing this near Stonehenge
(just east of Amesbury, for other chasers)

What you can't see is me jumping up and down behind the camera
yelling, YES!
while my precious children were hollering if we can go now with rolled eyes

across the field
I spied another poppy/rainbow chaser
crouched in photo-shooting position 
among grasses, poppies, and ouchy stinging nettle

As last week was a very warm and sunny one
there was lots of farm equipment ambling the roads and in the fields
frantic to bale hay before the rains returned

Below you can see how the English refer to the landscape as a patchwork quilt
with small fields surrounded by hedgerows
So quaint, so 'English countryside'

A303 'Highway To The Sun'

I love it so

- all photos by me -

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