Some Europeans are shocked that less than half of American citizens hold a passport
(I've heard as few as 38%)

It is quite expensive to travel abroad from the US
and the passport application is not cheap

Those who do travel abroad often make 
Mexico or London their first international trip
depending on where they live in the US

Many Americans don't live near an international airport
so traveling abroad can include 2 layovers
making traveling cumbersome

With the United States almost as large as Europe
most travel desires can be fulfilled within the country

Anyone else find this funny?

Wanting world class surfing? Travel to Hawaii
Warm beaches? Lots of coastline from which to choose
Desert? American Southwest
Snow skiing? Rocky Mountains
Northern lights and igloos? Alaska
Beautiful national parks in every state
Native American ruins? Mesa Verde
Historical colonial village? Williamsburg
Museums? Smithsonian
Amusement parks? Orlando
Fashion and culture? LA and NYC

Would most Americans like to travel abroad?

But you can see that one could be a tourist in the US for a lifetime
for a lot less wonga and no jet lag

- all photos by me -

*wonga = money (my new favorite word)

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