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I don't know why, but the Amalfi Coast has been on my bucket list for the last few years

We visited last month, and my family had to drag me back onto the plane

And the water was warm enough so that even I could dip in

We visited the villages of Amalfi, Positano and Ravello

We didn't make it to the Isle of Capri 
- saved for next time -

But we did make it to Pompeii, 
buried by ash in 79AD by Mt Vesuvius
and rediscovered in 1748 under 20 feet of earth

Mt Vesuvius

These Roman-straight streets were filled with sewage at the time
I love the stepping stones pedestrians used to get across the road/sewer
Chariot wheels were the perfect width to get through them (you can see their ruts)

One of the largest European archaeological sites,
this city has not been completely unearthed
as funds have been diverted to saving and restoring what has already been discovered

Archaeologists discovered 'voids' where people and animals had decomposed

Cleverly the voids were filled with plaster of paris to see what shape had been in the space,
revealing wooden doors, people, and animals

Later we hiked up Mt Vesuvius to the crater

Mt Vesuvius Crater

Not a lot to see inside, but the outside of the crater was covered in this pink flower,
centranthus ruber/ Valerian

I don't know what this flower is
but it is gorgeous
and found along the coast

Now back to my 'happy place'

Don't you love this guy's office?

- all photos by me -