What better place to watch the election unfold
than in the US Embassy in London?!

{ cameras not allowed, so all from my phone }

The Embassy was all lit up,
with tight security

Live Dixieland music greeted us - so distinctly American!

Ambassador Susman welcomed the crowd

We were surrounded by
1500 other Americans
{ Republicans & Democrats }

US newscasts were aired on screens throughout the Embassy

We walked through the Media Center,
with the BBC set up 
among others

Difficult to see,
but a computerized map was filled in throughout the night
as results were reported

The basement held a bar and live band

McDonald's and finger food were served

The Election Party started at 10p
with costumed Elvis, Statue Of Liberty, and Uncle Sam
walking around

Due to the difference in time zones,
we knew the results wouldn't roll in until 4am
at the earliest

So we left -
happy we had gone to the party
and happy to be going to bed


The US Embassy has been in Grosvenor Square since 1960
and is the largest American Embassy in Western Europe

A new US Embassy is being built across the River Thames in Wandsworth
( near Battersea )

photo credit

It should be completed in 2017

A few fun facts:

In December 1777,
Morocco was the first nation to publicly recognize the new United States
Together they maintain the United States' longest unbroken treaty

Benjamin Franklin had the first overseas mission of the United States
in Paris, France in 1779
{ and in London, you can visit his only remaining home in the world }

The first American Embassy was in The Hague, Netherlands
where John Adams was the first US Ambassador (1782)

Adams became the US Ambassador to Great Britain (1785)
and then the second President of the United States (1797 - 1801)

You knew I couldn't resist throwing in a bit of trivia,
didn't you ;)

all photos by me
unless otherwise noted 
Source: Wikipedia