Posted By Happy Homemaker UK

I'll never forget the first time I laid eyes on these beauties
when we first moved to England

I thought they only existed in fairy tales

Don't you love their girly 'skirts'?

These are Fly Agaric toadstools
and are 'toadstools' by definition because they are poisonous
(mushrooms are edible)

You'll find them under birch and pine trees

With a commanding size and color,
you can't miss them on the forest floor 
this season :)

This image shows the stages of the Fly Agaric
with the youngest cap in the foreground
which will gain more spots and flatten as it ages

Aren't they delightful?

And btw,
England schools really do have competing houses and prefects
just like in Harry Potter

Makes you wonder what is 
fact and fiction sometimes...

- all photos by me -