Thank you for all your questions last month

To be honest, I wasn't sure anyone
would have any 'wonders' about me

Over time I will answer more questions...

What do you miss most from the US?
What have you enjoyed the most in England?

The people: I miss the important people in our lives in the US
and miss being there for them in their time of need and celebration
I miss being a part of my friends' daily lives

On the flip side, I adore my new friendships here
that I will treasure for a lifetime;
I am savoring our time together,
knowing we will not be here forever

But I know you were asking for more :) So,
I miss owning a home - someplace we can truly make our own,
paint the walls, choose our own curtains, feel really rooted
Yeah, I also miss my American washer & dryer

I miss affordable, stylish, one-stop-shopping Target,
everyday conveniences (drive thrus)
and great customer service

Sometimes I miss biscuits & gravy like mad
(like, yesterday - big time)

I don't miss all the bossy billboards in the US
telling me who to call, what to buy, etc

This is my drive to school, billboard free
It's a nice way to start the day :)

As a visual person, I LOVE ENGLAND
It is just so beautiful at every turn
- the gardens, the villages, the architecture -

I love the accents (I'm shallow like that)
and I love that I'm surrounded by history

Of course I love the accessibility to so many other interesting places

It is fascinating to live under
a government with different ideology
as well as be a part of the European Union and all that that means

But on a deeper level,
England has provided a place for me to step out of the known
and reinvent myself

I walked away from my old routines and sought out new ones

With blogging, I'm exploring the writer and photographer in me

While my days were just as full as in the US,
they look different

With excellent brain food,
my mind is always whirling
witnessed just the other day as I turned on my empty dryer

- all photos by me -