You may not have heard of Harry Beck
but you have seen his most famous work

London Underground Tube Map

Not geographically accurate, but simplified for users

Unofficial map of  Zone 1
Geographically, more correct placement of stations

In 1931 this English engineering draftsman drew up 
a simplified diagram in his uncommissioned spare time
(he was later paid a nominal amount for the original concept)

London Underground was skeptical of his radical proposal at first
but Beck's map gained immediate popularity 
and is now a British design classic

Beck color coded the train lines (brown for Bakerloo, for example)
and continued to redesign the map until 1960

Check out this fun map I stumbled upon recently

London film location map
available via Transport for London

I think the lesson here is to go with your gut instinct
and if at first you don't succeed, try, try again

Nice job, Mr Beck

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