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Hello all you fabulous people around the world!! I am so excited about the bloggers and readers who will join me for my 'Around The World In A Day' Expat Linky Party on March 19th. Yea, yea, yea! I am so excited! Best of all, you can come in your pjs :)

My Virtual Party Favors

Meanwhile, I've been bitten by the creative bug and rose to Sarah's challenge of posting something 'inspirational'. For those who know me, perhaps you would expect photos of funky vintage home decor or colorful caravans, garden sheds, and tree houses. Me too. 

But I kept running across really cool design - so my 'inspirational post' took a twisty-turn. Unlike most posts, this one took all week to put together. I hope you like it and that it inspires your creative juices to flow : )

Umbrella by 25Togo
Did you notice the periscope at the top?!

Recycled Swim Cap by Splash Bag on Etsy
How cute would this be at the pool?
And waterproof, I imagine

Window Herb Garden
Easy to recreate, and sooo English :)
[Funky Junk Interiors]

Cork Toast Coasters from MoMA - clever, clever
[How About Orange]

So creative - 'Milk & Cookies' Styled Wedding
I stole their cookies and made a run for it. I love cookies
[Love and Lavender]

Available from Dazey Chic on Etsy

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Hope you have a creative, inspirational weekend!