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Come on in!

Welcome to another Wednesday conversation at my little Fab Confab. I absolutely cannot believe another week has gone by! Thank you for coming : ) 

When I sneeze, I like to hear a simple 'bless you'. After all, I could use as many blessings as I can get. In the US, 99% of the time a stranger will 'bless' me when I sneeze in public. I see it as kind and thoughtful.

Yet in London, I said 'bless you' to a man in a store, and he responded with a very dirty look. In fact, I have never ever heard anyone 'blessed' in public after a sneeze in England.

I asked three different people why this is. I got three different answers:

1. Historically, it was a bad omen if someone said 'Bless You' in the days of The Plague.

2. A 'Bless You' may be seen as proselytizing your religion.

3. An acknowledgement of an involuntary bodily function could be embarrassing.

I find this fascinating. I'd love you to share your thoughts and insights.